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Case Study #1: FFRD

Areas of focus: Web Design, Customer Intake Automation, Customer Service Automation, Sales Automation, Product Delivery, Project Management

The FFRD is helping American travelers get to the hottest destination on Earth right now: Cuba.

When we were contracted by the FFRD, they were using a website hardcoded in the early 2000’s and poorly kept since then, with banners mismatching and links broken. What’s more, they expected over 6,000 travelers in 2016, up from just a few hundred the year before—and they were doing everything by hand. Traveler intake (which sent visitors to three different places in input information, pay, and learn more), customer service, sales, and even receipts. Travelers were paying using checks mailed to their office, and it was consuming all the Director’s time.

We stepped in and created a new website with a form embedded that combined payment and information collection, set up automatic receipts for payment, and perhaps most importantly, automatic product delivery effective in 99% of cases.

In less than a month, the FFRD was receiving payments directly to their bank account (no checks!), had fulfilled their backlog of travelers (more than 1500), and had all new travelers coming in through and receiving their products in a simple, automated system that allowed the Director to return to making sure every trip went off without a hitch.

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